November 12-16  2012
Koshiba Hall, The University of Tokyo, Hongo, Tokyo, Japan
Opening address
Jun'ichi Yokoyama  JGRG22(2012)111200
The pre-inflationary dynamics of loop quantum cosmology: Confronting quantum gravity with observations
Abhey Ashtekar  JGRG22(2012)111201
Nonlinear massive gravity and cosmology
Shinji Mukohyama  JGRG22(2012)111202
The Standard Model and beyond after LHC at 8 TeV
Mihoko Nojiri  JGRG22(2012)111203
Non-gaussian bubbles from tunneling in the inflationary era
Kazuyuki Sugimura  JGRG22(2012)111204
Non-linear superhorizon perturbation and nonlinear gauge transformation
Yuichi Takamizu  JGRG22(2012)111205
Curvature perturbation spectrum in two-field inflation with a turning trajectory
Shi Pi  JGRG22(2012)111206
Effective field theory approach to quasi-single inflation
Toshifumi Noumi  JGRG22(2012)111207
Revisiting perturbations of a scalar field in an anisotropic universe
Masato Minamitsuji  JGRG22(2012)111208
Probing dark radiation with inflationary gravitational waves
Kazunori Nakayama  JGRG22(2012)111209
Dynamics of oscillating scalar field in thermal environment
Kyohei Mukaida  JGRG22(2012)111210
Higgs condensation in the inflationary universe
Taro Kunimitsu  JGRG22(2012)111211
Forecast constraints on cosmic strings from future CMB, pulsar timing and gravitational wave direct detection experiments
Sachiko Kuroyanagi  JGRG22(2012)111212
Effects of chameleon scalar field on rotation curves of the galaxies
Sirachak Panpanich  JGRG22(2012)111213
Self-consistent initial conditions for primordial black hole
Tomohiro Nakama  JGRG22(2012)111214
On the vacua of maximal gauged supergravity
Masato Nozawa  JGRG22(2012)111215
Gravity as the origin of spontaneous symmetry breaking in an inflationary universe
Yuki Watanabe  JGRG22(2012)111216
Fuzzy objects in noncommutative geometry and their applications
Shinpei Kobayashi  JGRG22(2012)111217
Critical exponents of gravity with quantum perturbations
Hongsheng Zhang  JGRG22(2012)111218
Triangular solution to the general relativistic three-body problem
Kei Yamada  JGRG22(2012)111219
Research of the celestial objects by the gravitational lensing
Naoki Tsukamoto  JGRG22(2012)111220
Dark matter and dark energy as a single manifestation of a fundamental length scale
Ivan Arraut  JGRG22(2012)111221
Wave function in 2+1 dimensional causal dynamical triangulation
Takayuki Hikichi  JGRG22(2012)111222
Selfgravity effects of blackfold
Kentaro Tanabe  JGRG22(2012)111223
Analysis of Gregory-Laflamme mode in large D limit
Ryotaku Suzuki  JGRG22(2012)111224
Glocal properties of solutions to the Einstein-matter equation
Makoto Narita  JGRG22(2012)111225
Primordial non-gaussianity from preheating
Andrei Frolov  JGRG22(2012)111301
Towards more precise estimates of the primordial bispectrum
Jinn-Ouk Gong  JGRG22(2012)111302
Testing the origin of primordial perturbation: Use of bi- and tri-spectrum
Teruaki Suyama  JGRG22(2012)111303
Recent developments in gravitational lensing
Matthias Bartelmann  JGRG22(2012)111304
Measuring distance with gamma-ray bursts
Ryo Tsutsui  JGRG22(2012)111305
Stacking of cluster profiles
Yousuke Itoh  JGRG22(2012)111306
Black hole solution and binary gravitational waves in dynamical Chern-Simons gravity
Kent Yagi  JGRG22(2012)111307
Gauss-Bonnet braneworld redux: A novel scenario for the bouncing universe
Hideki Maeda  JGRG22(2012)111308
Instability of charged Lovelock black holes
Tomohiro Takahashi  JGRG22(2012)111311
Criterion for bound (or unbound) orbits in the Kottler spacetime
Naomasa Fushimi  JGRG22(2012)111313
Problems in nth-order extension of the gauge-invariant perturbation theory
Kouji Nakamura  JGRG22(2012)111315
Non-inertial effects on Landau levels
Kohkichi Konno  JGRG22(2012)111316
Quantum interferometer in Chern-Simons modified gravity
Hiroki Okawara  JGRG22(2012)111317
Excess power method with the Hilbert-Huang transfom in search for gravitational wave signals
Masato Kaneyama  JGRG22(2012)111318
Potential-driven Galileon inflation
Junko Ohashi  JGRG22(2012)111319
Evolution and thermalization of axion dark matter in the condensed regime
Ken'ichi Saikawa  JGRG22(2012)111321
Ghost in multimetric gravity
Kouichi Nomura  JGRG22(2012)111322
Scale-dependent bias with the higher order primordial non-gaussianity
Shuichiro Yokoyama  JGRG22(2012)111323
Gravitational lensing by modified lens gravity
Takao Kitamura  JGRG22(2012)111325
Gravitational field of a rotating ring around a Schwarzschild black hole
Yasumichi Sano  JGRG22(2012)111327
Effect of the comological constant on the bending of light and the cosmological lens equation
Hideyoshi Arakida  JGRG22(2012)111328
Graphical approach to the Lovelock black holes
Takashi Torii  JGRG22(2012)111329
Short-range gravity experiment searching for a large extra dimension
Haruna Murakami  JGRG22(2012)111330
Curvature perturbation in conformally related frames
Jonathan White  JGRG22(2012)111332
Features in the CMB spectrum as a probe of heavy physics during inflation
Ryo Saito  JGRG22(2012)111333
High frequency limit for gravitational perturbations of cosmological models in modified gravity theories
Keiki Saito  JGRG22(2012)111334
Wormhole dynamics in Gauss-Bonnet gravity
Hisaaki Shinkai  JGRG22(2012)111336
Numerical study of 5-dimensional gravitational collapses
Yuta Yamada  JGRG22(2012)111337
Effects of metric perturbations in vacuum 5D universe on material 4D universe
Takao Fukui  JGRG22(2012)111338
Search of strong gravitational field around nuclei using electron-nuclear scattering experiment by geodesic precession
Saki Tanaka  JGRG22(2012)111340
Theory for observational verification of black hole existence
Hiromi Saida  JGRG22(2012)111341
Equilibrium states of magnetized disc-central compact object systems
Kotaro Fujisawa  JGRG22(2012)111342
Gravitational collapse of the Einstein cluster in the Lovelock gravity
Seiju Ohashi  JGRG22(2012)111343
Einstein equation of state and its cosmological applications
Takuya Maki  JGRG22(2012)111344
Cosmic wiggly string in black hole spacetime
Hiromi Suzuki  JGRG22(2012)111346
Effect of dark matter halos around IMBHs on gravitational waves
Kazunari Eda  JGRG22(2012)111347
The effect of gauge fields on oscillating scalar fields at finite temperature
Yuhei Miyamoto  JGRG22(2012)111348
Search for gravitational wave events with KAGRA and the world-wide network of laser interferometers in the advanced detector era
Hideyuki Tagoshi  JGRG22(2012)111401
Status of KAGRA
Takaaki Kajita  JGRG22(2012)111402
Virgo: design, results and perspectives
Francesco Fidecaro  JGRG22(2012)111403
LIGO: Recent results, plans and prospects
David Reitze  JGRG22(2012)111404
Electromagnetic counterparts to binary neutron star mergers
Koutarou Kyutoku  JGRG22(2012)111405
General relativistic simulations of magnetized binary neutron star merger
Kenta Kiuchi  JGRG22(2012)111406
Shear oscillations in hadron-quark mixed phase
Hajime Sotani  JGRG22(2012)111407
Non-axisymmetric oscillations of rotating relativistic stars by conformally flat approximation
Shin'ichirou Yoshida  JGRG22(2012)111408
Nonlinear effect of r-mode instability in uniformly rotating stars
Motoyuki Saijo  JGRG22(2012)111409
Upper limits of particle emission from high-energy collision and reaction near a maximally rotating Kerr black hole
Tomohiro Harada  JGRG22(2012)111410
Stable null bound orbits around a black ring
Hideki Ishihara  JGRG22(2012)111411
Axion bosenova
Hirotaka Yoshino  JGRG22(2012)111412
Curvaton induced modulated reheating
Osamu Seto  JGRG22(2012)111413
Finite-time future singularities and rip cosmology in f(T) gravity
Kazuharu Bamba  JGRG22(2012)111414
Adiabatic evolution of resonant orbits in Kerr space time
Soichiro Isoyama  JGRG22(2012)111415
An improved method for CMB lensing reconstruction and its cosmological applications
Toshiya Namikawa  JGRG22(2012)111416
Cosmological constraints on sterile neutrino mass in f(R) gravity 
Hayato Motohashi  JGRG22(2012)111417
Testing gravity with galaxy cluster
Tatsuya Narikawa  JGRG22(2012)111418
Constraints on general second-order scalar-tensor models from gravitational Cherenkov radiation
Rampei Kimura  JGRG22(2012)111419
Weak lensing generated by vector perturbations and detectability of cosmic strings
Daisuke Yamauchi  JGRG22(2012)111420
Higgs-inflation and the latest LHC results
Dmitry Gorbunov  JGRG22(2012)111421
Tunneling fields in non-linear massive gravity
Yingli Zhang  JGRG22(2012)111422
Probing for massive gravitational-wave background with a ground-based detector network
Atsushi Nishizawa  JGRG22(2012)111423
New cosmological solutions in massive gravity
Daisuke Yoshida  JGRG22(2012)111424
Inflation in bimetric gravity
Yuki Sakakihara  JGRG22(2012)111425
Parity violation in the CMB bispectrum
Maresuke Shiraishi  JGRG22(2012)111426
The cosmological constant problem
Jerome Martin  JGRG22(2012)111501
SuMIRe project: Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) and Prime Focus Spectrograph (PFS)
Masahiro Takada  JGRG22(2012)111502
The first law of binary black hole dynamics
Luc Blanchet  JGRG22(2012)111503
Charmed by spacetime physics - from four to higher dimensions
Hideo Kodama  JGRG22(2012)111504
A few thoughts on gravity and cosmology
Misao Sasaki  JGRG22(2012)111505
GR in the observational cosmology
Toshifumi Futamase  JGRG22(2012)111506
Gravitational-wave and neutrino emissions from black hole-neutron star binary merger
Yuichiro Sekiguchi  JGRG22(2012)111601
Stability of black holes: summary of some results for the past 10 years
Roman Konoplya  JGRG22(2012)111602
Vacuum transitions and the arrow of time
Jaume Garriga  JGRG22(2012)111603
Duration and decay branching ratios of stochastic inflation
Alexei Starobinsky  JGRG22(2012)111604
Kei-ichi Maeda  JGRG(2012)111605