The 7th RESCEU International Symposium

RESCEU Symposium on
Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology

11(Tue) - 14(Fri) November 2008
Koshiba Hall, Faculty of Science,
The University of Tokyo, Hongo, Tokyo, Japan

Program of the oral session(PDF)

Tuesday, 11 November

3:00 Registration starts at Koshiba Hall Poster presentation and discussion 5:00 Welcome party and poster discussion 7:00 End

Wednesday, 12 November

Chair: J. Yokoyama

9:00 Opening

K. Sato (RESCEU Symposium Chair),

M. Yamamoto (Dean of School of Science, The University of Tokyo),

K. Makishima (Director of RESCEU)

9:20 E. Kolb (Chicago)

"Taking Sides on Dark Energy"(ppt)

10:05 K. Koyama (Portsmouth)

"Large primordial non-Gaussianity from early universe"(pptx)

10:50 Coffee Break

Chair: M. Kawasaki

11:20 K. Olive (Minnesota)

"BBN Concordance: What's the matter with Li"

12:05 K. Kohri (Lancaster)

"Cosmological models with long-lived SUSY particles"(ppt)

12:50 Lunch

Chair: H. Kodama

2:00 A. Dolgov (Ferrara)

"Quantum anomalies and superluminous propagation. Is it possible? Is it dangerous?"

2:45 A. Vilenkin (Tufts)

"Holographic measure of the multiverse"(ppt)

3:30 Coffee Break

Chair: T. Shiromizu

4:00 1 minute single-slide presentation of posters Poster discussion over beer

Thursday, 13 November

Chair: H. Suzuki

9:00 J. Lattimer (SUNY)

"The Equation of State for Supernovae and Neutron Stars"

9:45 K. Kotake (NAO)

"Multidimensional modeling of core-collapse supernovae: new challenges and perspectives"(ppt)

10:30 Coffee Break

Chair: S. Nagataki

11:00 W. Hillebrandt (Max Planck Inst.)

"Recent Progress in Type Ia Supernova Modeling and its Implication for Cosmology"(ppt)

11:45 J. Beacom (Ohio)

"The Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background"(ppt)

12:30 Lunch

Chair: S. Mukohyama

1:45 K. Maeda (Waseda)

"Cosmology in Higher Dimensions"

2:30 P. Steinhardt (Princeton)

"Inflation, Dark Energy and Extra Dimensions"

3:15 Coffee Break

Chair: Y. Suto

3:45 J. Yokoyama (Tokyo)

"What can we learn about cosmophysics by observing only one Universe?"(ppt)

4:30 K. Sato (Tokyo)

"From supernovae to inflation"

6:30 Banquet at Hibiya Matsumoto-ro

Friday 14, November

Chair: A. Taruya

9:00 G. Boerner (Max Planck Inst)

"The universal mass accretion history and density profile of dark matter haloes"

9:45 C. Park (KIAS)

"Cosmology from Topology of Large-Scale Structures of the Universe"(ppt)

10:30 Coffee Break

Chair: C.H. Lee

11:00 K.W. Ng (KIPAC & Academia Sinica)

"CMB Polarization"(ppt)

11:45 A. Ishibashi (KEK)

"On the acceleration of our universe and the effects of inhomogeneities"(ppt)

12:30 Lunch

Chair: T. Totani

1:45 A. Yamamoto (KEK)

"Search for primordial antiparticle in cosmic rays with the BESS"(ppt)

2:30 T. Yamamoto (Konan)

"Probing Extreme Universe through Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray"(pptx)

3:15 V. Berezinsky (Gran Sasso National Lab)

"Diffusion of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays in expanding universe"

4:00 Coffee Break

Chair: T. Shigeyama

4:30 T. Kamae (SLAC)

"Gamma-ray Sky seen with Fermi Large Area Telescope"

5:15 C. Pethick (Nordita)

"Neutrino processes in dense matter"

6:00 Conclusion