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Last Update: May 13 2016 21:54:41
2016/05/13 Job opening for an assistant professor on gravitational wave data analysis. Details can be found here.
2016/02/12 The Advanced LIGO detector has detected a gravitational wave for the first time, which was reported at the UTAP-Physics joint collocuium by Prof. Kipp Cannon who participates in the project.
6 Oct 2015 Prof. Takaaki Kajita (Steering Committee of RESCEU) has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.
20 May 2015 Registraion for RESCEU/APCosPA Summer School is open.
14 Apr 2015 "Summer School: New Era of the Cosmic Distance Scale" will be held at U-Tokyo from June 29th to July 3rd. See detail here.
3 Apr 2015 The member page is updated.
13 Mar 2014 Professor Kazuo Makishima, the director of RESCEU, has received the 105th Japan Academy Prize.
3-4 Mar 2014 RIKEN-IPMU-RESCEU Joint meeting is held.
24 Oct 2014 Professor Emeritus Katsuhiko Sato, the former director of RESCEU, has received the Persons of Cultural Merit honor this year.

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