[RESCEU] Research Center for the Early Universe
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As of April 4, 2017

RESCEU Research Affiliate

(*: RESCEU members)

Project 1: Evolution of the universe and cosmic structures


Affiliation / Position

Research theme

Jun'ichi Yokoyama

RESCEU / Professor

Physics of the Early Universe

Toshikazu Shigeyama

RESCEU / Associate Professor

Coevolution of galaxies and stars

Naoki Yoshida

Dept. of Physics / Professor

Evolution of compact objects and time domain astronomy

Tomonori Totani

Dept. of Astronomy / Professor

Evolution of the universe probed by gamma-ray bursts and fast radio bursts

Aya Bamba

Dept. of Physics / Associate Professor

Chemical evolution of the universe with supernova remnant study

Kazuhiro Shimasaku

Dept. of Astronomy / Associate Professor

Galaxy Formation and Evolution

Kazuhiro Nakazawa

Dept. of Physics / Lecturer

Evolution of Galaxy, Clusters of Galaxies and Black Holes

Masamune Oguri

RESCEU / Assistant Professor

Unveiling the nature of dark matter and dark energy

Project2: Gravitational-wave astrophysics and experimental gravity


Affiliation / Position

Research theme

Cannon, Kipp

RESCEU/Associate Professor

Detection and interpretation of gravitational waves emitted by the collisions of compact objects

Mamoru Doi

Inst. of Astronomy / Professor

Identifications of gravitational-wave sources by wide-field and multi-color optical observations

Kotaro Kohno

Inst. of Astronomy / Professor

Radio/submm follow up of candidate sources of gravitational waves

Masaki Ando

Dept. of Physics/Associate Professor

Gravitational-Wave Experiment and Astrophysics

Teruaki Suyama

RESCEU / Assistant Professor

Test of theories of gravity in the strong gravity regime by using the gravitational waves

Project 3: Formation and characterization of planetary systems


Affiliation / Position

Research theme

Yasushi Suto

Dept. of Physics / Professor

Dynamical evolution of orbit and angular momentum of exoplanetary systems

Motohide Tamura

Dept. of Astronomy / Professor

Exoplanet observations and instrumentations

Seiji Sugita

Dept. of Earth and Planetary Science/Professor

An asteroid sample-return mission and feasibility study for an exoplanet observation satellite

Satoshi Yamamoto

Dept. of Physics / Professor

Physics and chemistry of protoplanetary disk formation

Eiichi Tajika

Dept. of Earth and Planetary Science/Professor

Diversity and evolution of habitable planets

Masahiro Ikoma

Dept. of Earth and Planetary Science / Associate Professor

Diversity and origins of exoplanetary atmospheres

Hajime Kawahara

Dept. of Earth and Planetary Science / Assistant Professor

Exploring instrumentation and methods for characterizing exoplanets

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