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All talks and slides are recommended to be prepared in English.

Date Morning Afternoon 1 Afternoon 2
March 19th Opening, SN GRB SN
March 20th SN, SNR NSM SN

19th March (Tuesday)

Opening, SN (11:00-12:30)

Time Name + Title Institute
Chair: Ayako Ishii
11:00-11:20 (15+5) Toshikazu Shigeyama U-Tokyo, RESCEU
A bright supernova SN 2012au hosting a pulsar
11:20-12:00 (35+5) Takashi J. Moriya NAOJ
Circumstellar properties of Type Ia supernovae with helium star donors
12:00-12:30 (25+5) Kazumi Kashiyama U-Tokyo, RESCEU
X-raying the Birth of Binary Neutron Stars

Lunch break (12:30-14:00)

GRB (14:00-15:40)

Time Name + Title Institute
Chair: Toshikazu Shigeyama
14:00-14:40 (35+5) Hirotaka Ito ABBL, RIKEN
Relativistic Radiation Mediated Shocks
14:40-15:10 (25+5) Don Warren iTHEMS, RIKEN
Thermal electrons in GRB afterglows: causes and effects
15:10-15:40 (25+5) Akira Mizuta RIKEN
3D GRMHD simulation of black hole accretion flows and jets

Coffee break (15:40-16:10)

SN (16:10-17:40)

Time Name + Title Institute
Chair: Kazumi Kashiyama
16:10-16:50 (35+5) Akira Harada U-Tokyo, UTAP
Core-collapse Supernova Simulations with the Boltzmann-neutrino-transport
16:50:15-17:15 (20+5) Yuki Takei U-Tokyo, RESCEU
Constructing a Model for Interaction-Powered Supernovae
17:15-17:40 (20+5) Daichi Tsuna U-Tokyo, RESCEU
A Light Curve Model of Interaction-Powered Supernovae

Banquet 18:30〜

20th March (Wednesday)

SN, SNR (10:00-12:35)

Time Name + Title Institute
Chair: Takashi Moriya
10:00-10:40 (35+5) Gilles Ferrand ABBL, RIKEN
From the (thermonuclear) supernova to the supernova remnant
10:40-11:10 (25+5) Masaomi Ono RIKEN
Three dimensional simulation from supernova explosions to their supernova remnants: the dynamical and chemical evolution of SN 1987A
11:10-11:40 (25+5) Takuma Suda U-Tokyo, RESCEU
Core-collapses supernova explosions in binary systems as a probe into Pop. III stars
11:40-12:10 (25+5) Kotaro Fujisawa Waseda University
Effects of rotation and magnetic field on the revival of a stalled shock in supernova explosions
12:10-12:35 (20+5) Kenichi Sugiura Waseda University
Linear Analysis of the Shock Instability in Core-collapse Supernovae

Lunch break (12:35-14:00)

NSM (14:00-15:55)

Time Name + Title Institute
Chair: Takuma Suda
14:00-14:40 (35+5) Tomoya Kinugawa U-Tokyo
Metallicity dependence of BH+MS binaries detectable with Gaia,
Rate of ultra-stripped supernovae and binary evolution leading to double NS
14:40-15:10 (25+5) Oliver Just ABBL, RIKEN
Outflows From Neutron-Star Mergers
15:10-15:40 (25+5) Hoaxiang Lin U-Tokyo
GW170817 afterglow: a more natural electron energy distribution leads to a new solution
15:40-15:55 (12+3) Yongjia Huang iTHEMS, RIKEN
Introduction to simulate BNS mergers via Einsteintoolkit

Coffee break (15:55-16:20)

SN (16:20-18:25)

Time Name + Title Institute
Chair: Kotaro Fujisawa
16:20-17:00 (35+5) Chinami Kato Waseda University
Effects of nucleon recoils for neutrino spectra in core-collapse supernovae
17:00-17:30 (25+5) Haoning He ABBL, RIKEN
On the Origin of IceCube High Energy Neutrinos
17:30-18:00 (25+5) Milad Delfan Azari Waseda University
Linear analysis of fast pair-wise collective neutrino oscillations in CCSNe based on the results of realistic Boltzmann simulations
18:00-18:25 (20+5) Masamichi Zaizen U-Tokyo
Collective neutrino oscillations and matter effects in core-collapse supernovae