COSMO/CosPA 2010

September 27 - October 1 2010
Ichijo Hall and Koshiba Hall,
The University of Tokyo, Hongo, Tokyo, Japan

Program of the plenary sessions(PDF)

Program of the parallel sessions(PDF)

Plenary sessions (Ichijo Hall)

Speaker Talk Title
Jun'ichi Yokoyama
RESCEU, the University of Tokyo
Welcome address
Petr Horava
University of California, Berkeley
General Covariance in Gravity at a Lifshitz Point
Wilfried Buchmueller
Some recent development in leptogenesis
Leszek Roszkowski
The University of Sheffield
Dark Matter and Colliders
Rupak Mahapatra
Texas A&M University
Dark Matter Direct Detection Experiments
Joanna Dunkley
Oxford University
Cosmology from ACT and WMAP
Masashi Hazumi
Probing Inflation with CMB Polarization Measurements - QUIET, POLARBEAR and beyond
Robert Brandenberger
McGill University
New Observational Windows for Searching for Cosmic Strings
Michael T. Murphy
Centre for Astrophysics & Supercomputing, Swinburne University of Technology
A new result on cosmological variation of the fine structure constant
Keiichi Umetsu
Academica Sinica IAA
Probing the Distribution of Mass and Baryons in Clusters of Galaxies
Fransis Bernardeau
Institut de Physique Theorique CEA Saclay
The development of gravitational instabilities
Leonardo Senatore
Stanford University
Inflation and its signatures
Nemanja Kaloper
Unicersity of California, Davis
Large Field Inflation, Ignobly
Eva Silverstein
Stanford University
Comments on Tensor Modes from the Inflationary Era
Jihn E. Kim
Seoul National University
String compactification toward MSSM
Ewan D. Stewart
A minimal supersymmetric cosmological model
Fuminobu Takahashi
IPMU, The University of Tokyo
Higgs Chaotic Inflation with a Running Kinetic Term
Pisin Chen
LeCosPA National Tawiwan University
The Cosmological Constant Problem and its Possible Solutions
Satoshi Miyazaki
Subaru wide field survey to probe dark matter distribution and nature of dark energy
Alexei Starobinsky
RESCEU and Landau Insititute for Theoretical Physics
Cosmology with f(R) gravity
Zhi-Zhong Xing
Institute of High Energy Physics
Neutrino Mixing and Cosmic Flavor Problems
Pierre Sikivie
University of Florida
Bose-Einstein condensation of dark matter axions
Hiroshi Ogawa
ICRR, The University of Tokyo
Status of XMASS experiment
Shoji Asai
The University of Tokyo
The Latest status of LHC
Koichi Hamaguchi
The University of Tokyo
Probing Reheating Temperature at the LHC with Long-Lived Staus
Esteban Roulet
Centro Atomico Bariloche and Instituto Balseiro
Status of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays
Danny Marfatia
University of Kansas
Dark matter and pulsar signals for PAMELA, Fermi and ACTs
Laura Covi
Gravitino Dark Matter and the SUSY breaking spectrum
Gary Steigman
Ohio State University
Big Bang Nucleosynthesis Confronts Cosmology And Particle Physics
Jihn E. Kim
Seoul National University
String compactification toward MSSM

Monday afternoon

Parallel session A (Sanjo Conference Hall)

Speaker Talk Title
Xiao-Gang He
Direct search and LHC detection of the simplest Dark Matter
Marco Cirelli
Gamma ray and cosmological constraints on Dark Matter with large annihilation cross section
Bumseok Kyae
Pusan National Univ.
PAMELA's cosmic positron from decaying LSP in SO(10) SUSY GUT
Kalliopi Petraki
University of Melbourne
Constraints on late-decaying dark-matter models
Ryo Saito
The University of Tokyo
Primordial Black Hole as Source of Boost Factor
Norita Kawanaka
Cosmic Ray Electrons/Positrons from Nearby Pulsars and Their GeV-TeV Spectral Features
Michael Grefe
Neutrino Signals from Dark Matter Decay
Fabio Iocco
Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris
Dark Matter and Stars
Chiara Arina
Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
Phenomenology of Spontaneously Broken Dark Matter Hidden Sector
Holger Motz
Erlangen Centre for Astroparticle Physics, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Status and Results of the ANTARES neutrino telescope
Mario Kadastik
Anti-deuteron as a possible DM detection channel
Aya Ishihara
Chiba University
Recent results from searches for high energy cosmic neutrinos with IceCube
Yoshiaki Nonoyama
Status of the OPERA experiment
Seongchan Park
Kaluza-Klein Dark Matter
Osamu Seto
Hokkai-Gakuen University
Right-handed neutrino dark matter in the minimal gauged B-L model

Monday afternoon

Parallel session B (Koshiba Hall, Science Bldg 1, 2F)

Speaker Talk Title
Alexander Vikman
Dust of Dark Energy
Bin Wang
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Interaction between Dark Energy and Dark Matter
Teruaki Suyama
Research center for the early universe, The University of Tokyo
Dark energy from primordial inflationary quantum fluctuations
Domenico Sapone
University of Madrid
Fingerprinting Dark Energy: observational tests.
Dark energy with non-adiabatic sound speed
Erminia Calabrese
University of Rome 'La Sapienza'
'Probing the dark energy sound speed with lensing'
Petr Tretyakov
Stability of dS and other cosmological regimes in high order gravity models.
Hayato Motohashi
Research center for the early universe
Matter density fluctuation and massive neutrinos in f(R) gravity
Je-An Gu
LeCosPA Center, National Taiwan University
f(R) Modified Gravity and its Cosmological and Solar-System Tests
Kazuharu Bamba
National Tsing Hua University
Thermodynamics in modified gravity
Figueroa Dr.
Helsinki Institute of Physics
Abdel Nasser Tawfik
Thermodynamically Consistant Equations of State for Viscous Early Universe
Luis Maria Bo-ot
University of the Philippines-Diliman
Two and Three-Dimensional Self-gravitating System with an Initial Singularity
Eloisa Menegoni
University of Rome La Sapienza
New Cosmological Constraints on Variation of Fundamental Constants
Debaprasad Maity
LeCosPa, National Taiwan University
Cosmological Behavior of a Parity and Charge-Parity Violating Varying Alpha Theory.
Figueroa Dr.
Helsinki Institute of Physics

Monday afternoon

Parallel session C (Rm 206, Science Bldg 1, 2F)

Speaker Talk Title
Jinn-Ouk Gong
Instituut-Lorentz for Theoretical Physics
Loop corrections to the correlation functions
Arttu Rajantie
Imperial College London
Non-Gaussianity from preheating
Sirichai Chongchitnan
Oxford University
High-Order Non-Gaussianity and its Effects on Cluster and Void Abundances.
Raphael Flauger
Yale University
Resonant Non-Gaussianity
Nicola Bartolo
Dip. di Fisica ``G. Galilei'', Padova, Italy
Some novel results on non-Gaussianity from single-field inflation and on anisotropic features
Marcello Musso
Inproved non-Gaussian Mass Functions for Halos and Voids
Takahiro Nishimichi
Effect of Non-Gaussianity from Multi-Field Models on the Large Scale Structure
Vincent Desjacques
ITP Zurich
Searching for local cubic-order non-Gaussianity with galaxy clustering
ICG, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Non-Gaussianity from non-linear effects in CMB
Tomo Takahashi
Saga University
Classifying Models of Large non-Gaussiantiy
Yuichi Takamizu
Resceu, U of Tokyo
Beyond delta-N formalism for a single scalar field
Takeshi Kobayashi
The University of Tokyo
Non-Gaussianity from Lifshitz Scalar
Yuki Watanabe
University of Munich
Primordial non-Gaussianity from multi-field inflation re-examined
Keisuke Izumi
Trispectrum from Ghost Inflation
Shuntaro Mizuno
University of Portsmouth
Trispectrum estimator in equilateral type non-Gaussian models
Yuichi Takamizu
Resceu, U of Tokyo
Beyond delta-N formalism for a single scalar field

Monday afternoon

Parallel session D (Rm 207, Science Bldg 1, 2F)

Speaker Talk Title
Kazunori Kohri
Long-lived charged SUSY particles and cosmology
Kazunori Nakayama
Inflation from a Supersymmetric Axion Model
Emir Gumrukcuoglu
IPMU, University of Tokyo
Phenomenological signature from anisotropic inflation
Fabio Scardigli
LeCosPA Cosmology Center
Pre-inflation matter era and the CMB power spectrum
Yuji Chinone
Tohoku University
Measurement of Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization Power Spectra from QUIET Q-Band Data
Hu Zhan
National Astronomical Observatories of China
Rees--Sciama effect of super structures
Damien Easson
Arizona State U., and IPMU
Fundamental physics of inflation and CMB observations
Fabio Finelli
CMB Constraints on a Stochastic Background of Primordial Magnetic Fields
Kin-Wang Ng
Academia Sinica
Towards understanding large-scale CMB anomalies
Alessandro Melchiorri
University of Rome Sapienza
Constraining Fundamental Physics with Future CMB Experiments
christophe ringeval
Louvain University
First CMB constraints on the inflationary reheating temperature
Ken'ichi Saikawa
ICRR, The University of Tokyo
Gravitational waves from collapsing domain walls
Takashi Hiramatsu
Gravitational waves from Q-balls in gravity mediation
Kohei Kamada
Research Center for the Early Universe (RESCEU)
Fate of Q balls in thermal potential
Urjit Yajnik
IIT Bombay
Cosmology with new symmetries at the TeV scale
christophe ringeval
Louvain University
First CMB constraints on the inflationary reheating temperature

Thursday afternoon

Parallel session E (Rm206, Science Bldg 1, 2F)

Speaker Talk Title
Serguey Petcov
SISSA/INFN, Trieste, Italy
Low-Energy Leptonic CP Violation and Leptogenesis
Marco Drewes
Ecole Polytechnique F¸«±d¸«±rale de Lausanne
Quantum Mechanics of Leptogenesis
Chao-Qiang Geng
National Tsing Hua University
Neutrino Masses, Leptogenesis and Decaying Dark Matter
Toyokazu Sekiguchi
Improved estimation of spectrum of axion radiation from cosmological axionic strings
Chuan-Ren Chen
The University of Tokyo
The variant axion models at the LHC
Kenji Kadota
Univ. of Michigan
The effects of SUSY seesaw on the LHC and dark matter
Nicole Bell
The University of Melbourne
Dark Matter Annihilation with Electroweak Bremsstrahlung
John McDonald
University of Lancaster
Gravitino Dark Matter from Q-Ball Decay
Ki Young Choi
Pusan National University
Three body decay of Gravitino and the indirect detection

Thursday afternoon

Parallel session F (Rm207, Science Bldg 1, 2F)

Speaker Talk Title
Emiliano Sefusatti
IPhT CEA/Saclay
Testing the initial conditions with the large-scale structure
Aravind Natarajan
Carnegie Mellon University
Distinguishing standard reionization from dark matter models
Massimo Pietroni
TBA ( On applications of Time Renormalization Group to velocity dispersion and/or halo bias)
Hiroyuki Tashiro
Catholic University of Louvain
The cross-correlation between kSZ and 21 cm fluctuations from EoR
Toshiya Namikawa
The University of Tokyo
Magnification effet on the galaxy-CMB lensing cross-correlation
Kiyotomo Ichiki
Nagoya University
A spherical collapse model with massive neutrinos
Feng-Yin Chang
Landau Damping of Baryon Structure Formation in the Post Reionization Epoch
Fabian Schmidt
Clustering and velocities of dark matter halos with primordial non-Gaussianity
Atsushi Taruya
RESCEU, The University of Tokyo
Baryon Acoustic Oscillations in 2D: modeling redshift-space power spectrum from perturbation theory
Naoki Yoshida
IPMU, University of Tokyo
New insight on the nature of dark matter from cosmological simulations

Thursday afternoon

Parallel session G (Rm233, Science Bldg 1, 2F)

Speaker Talk Title
William Kinney
Univ. at Buffalo, The State University of New York
Inflation, Cyclic Cosmology, and the Horizon
Jerome Martin
Probing the reheating with CMB and gravitational waves experiments
Tsutomu Kobayashi
RESCEU, Univ. of Tokyo
Stefan Antusch
MPI of Physics, Munich
Particle physics models of inflation in supergravity: New developments
Sebastien Clesse
SPT, Brussels Univ. - CP3, Louvain Univ.
Hybrid inflation along waterfall trajectories
Emeline Cluzel
IAP Paris / IPhT Saclay
Brane Bremsstrahlung in DBI Inflation
Rose Lerner
Lancaster University
Detectability of Higgs inflation and its variants
Sanjeev Seahra
University of New Brunswick
Polymer inflation
Christian Steinwachs
University of Cologne
The Higgs Field as an Inflaton
Cristiano Germani
ASC, LMU, Munchen (Germany)
New Higgs Inflation

Thursday afternoon

Parallel session H (Koshiba Hall, Science Bldg 1, 2F)

Speaker Talk Title
Raymond Volkas
The University of Melbourne
The standard model plus gravity with classical scale invariance
Sang Pyo Kim
Kunsan National University
Effective Action for Gravity and Dark Energy
Shinji Mukohyama
IPMU, U of Tokyo
Cosmological implications of gravity at a Lifshitz point
Patrick Peter
Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris
Cosmological Two-Stream Instability
Olli Taanila
Helsinki Institute of Physics
The TeV-mass Curvaton
Stefania Pandolfi
University of Rome La Sapienza
Harrison-Z'eldovich primordial spectrum is consistent with observations
Atsushi Naruko
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics
second order Boltzmann equation with polarization
Yuko Urakawa
Waseda university
Implications of genuine gauge-invariant perturbation
Mischa Gerstenlauer
University of Heidelberg
Inflationary Infrared Divergences: Geometry of the Reheating Surface vs. delta N Formalism
Antonio Padilla
University of Nottingham
Bigalileon theory