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Date Morning Afternoon 1 Afternoon 2
July 25th
Opening, Nova, SN FRB
July 27th NSM

"*" symbols on talk titles mean that the presentation files are not available at the moment.

25th July (Monday)

Opening, Nova, SN (13:00-15:20)

Time Name + Title Institute
Chair: Toshikazu Shigeyama
13:00-13:20 (15+5) Shigehiro Nagataki RIKEN
Current Status & Future Prospects of ABBL & iTHES
13:20-13:55 (30+5) Kentaro Wada U-Tokyo, RESCEU
Nova wind acceleration through early super soft x-ray source phase and super Eddington luminosity
13:55-14:20 (20+5) Kazuhiro Noda U-Tokyo, RESCEU
Theoretical expectations on surviving companions in type Ia SNRs
14:20-14:45 (20+5) Malia Jenks U-Oklahoma
Studying Supernova physics with the Nearby Supernova factory spectro-photometric time series *
14:45-15:20 (30+5) Keiichi Maeda Kyoto U
Observational Constraints on Supernova Progenitor Evolution

Coffee break (15:20-15:50)

FRB (15:50-17:35)

Time Name + Title Institute
Chair: Toshikazu Shigeyama
15:50-16:25 (30+5) Tomonori Totani U-Tokyo, Astronomy
Recent Topics about Fast Radio Bursts *
16:25-17:00 (30+5) Shotaro Yamasaki U-Tokyo, Astronomy
Testing double neutron star merger model for FRBs with numerical-relativity hydrodynamical simulations
17:00-17:35 (30+5) Susumu Inoue RIKEN
FRBs as cosmological probes

26th July (Tuesday)

FRB, SNR (10:00-12:10)

Time Name + Title Institute
Chair: Shigehiro Nagataki
10:00-10:35 (30+5) Annop Wongwathanarat RIKEN
Neutron star kicks by gravitational tug boat mechanism
10:35-11:10 (30+5) Takashi Moriya NAOJ
Supernovae powered by magnetars that transform into black holes
11:10-11:35 (20+5) Miyu Masuyama U-Tokyo, RESCEU
Evolution of magnetar-powered supernovae
11:35-12:10 (30+5) Satoru Katsuda Chuo U
High-Resolution X-Ray Spectroscopy of Supernova Remnants

Lunch (12:10-13:20)

SNR, BBH (13:20-15:05)

Time Name + Title Institute
Chair: Takuma Suda
13:20-13:55 (30+5) Herman (Shiu-Hang) Lee ISAS / JAXA
Current trends and prospects in SNR research - where we are now and where to go
13:55-14:30 (30+5) Masaomi Ono Kyushu U
Multi-dimensional numerical modeling of supernova remnants
14:30-15:05 (30+5) Tomoya Kinugawa U-Tokyo, ICRR
Binary black hole remnants of First stars for the gravitational wave source *

Coffee break (15:05-15:35)

GRB (15:35-18:30)

Time Name + Title Institute
Chair: Shigehiro Nagataki
15:35-16:10 (30+5) Hirotaka Ito RIKEN
Physics of Relativistic Radiation Mediated Shocks
16:10-16:45 (30+5) Ayako Ishii Tohoku U
Study of GRB Emission Process Coupled Computation of Radiative Transfer with Relativistic Hydrodynamics
16:45-17:20 (30+5) Wataru Ishizaki U-Tokyo, ICRR
Spatial Profile of the Emission from Pulsar Wind Nebulae with steady-state 1D Modeling
17:20-17:55 (30+5) Haoning He UCLA / PMO
Monte Carlo Bayesian search for the plausible source of the Telescope Array hotspot
17:55-18:30 (30+5) Jin Matsumoto RIKEN
Condition for the growth of the Rayleigh-Taylor instability at the relativistic jet interface

Banquet (19:00 @ Miyamoto Restaurant 宮本)

27th July (Wednesday)

NSM (10:00-12:20)

Time Name + Title Institute
Chair: Keiichi Maeda
10:00-10:35 (30+5) Don Warren RIKEN
Nonlinear cosmic ray acceleration in GRB afterglows
10:35-11:10 (30+5) Oliver Just MPA
Neutrino-driven jets and heavy element production in neutron-star mergers
11:10-11:45 (30+5) Koutarou Kyutoku RIKEN
The unreasonable weakness of r- process cosmic rays in the neutron- star-merger nucleosynthesis scenario
11:45-12:20 (30+5) Yutaka Komiya U-Tokyo, RESCEU
Contribution of neutron star merger to the r-process chemical evolution