The 7th RESCEU International Symposium

RESCEU Symposium on
Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology

11(Tue) - 14(Fri) November 2008
Koshiba Hall, Faculty of Science,
The University of Tokyo, Hongo, Tokyo, Japan


Final Circular

 Final circular for the 7th RESCEU Ssymposium on Astroparticle Phsycs and Cosmology

   date: November 11--14, 2008

   location: Koshiba Hall, Faculty of Science, The University of Tokyo

Dear Colleagues,

 This is the final circular for

RESCEU Symposium on Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology

 to be held at the University of Tokyo, Japan during November 11--14,
 2008. So far we have more than 130 registrants. While the oral and
 poster presentations are already fixed, you are welcome to
 participate and register during the conference.

Accommodation and logistics
 Information about accommodation and logistics may be found
 at the conference website.

 We will have the conference banquet at Matsumoto-ro Restaurant
 from 18:30 to 20:30, Thursday 13 November.  We will arrange taxis
 for invited speakers from abroad.  Other participants can reach there
 by subway Marunouchi-line from Hongo-Sanchome to Kasumigaseki.

Oral presentations
 The latest program may be found at the website. The program may
 change slightly even at the last minute, and we encourage you to
 check it in a regular fashion.

 The posters (85cm width x 180 cm length) will be placed at a lobby
 and a meeting room close to the Koshiba Hall.
 Poster presenters will be able to give one-minute oral presentations
 in the afternoon session of 12 November.
 The presentations will be carried out in the order of the
 assigned poster number (see a list of poster papers at the end of
 program.)  You can show a single sheet of A4/US Letter-sized
 paper with an overhead camera to explain your poster.

Registration fee
  The registration fee is 10,000 yen (5,000 yen for students), which
  includes a copy of the proceedings and coffee/tea.
  It should be paid directly at the registration desk.
  We only accept cash in Japanese yen, and
  cannot accept checks or credit cards.

Internet connection
 Wireless LAN is available at the Koshiba Hall. Those who wish to
 have an internet connection should carry their own laptops. The
 access method will be announced at the conference.

  Proceedings will be published electronically which include all oral
  and poster presentations.
  For oral speakers, we collect your presentation file right after your talk.
  Poster presenters should submit their files in PDF format at the time
  of registration. If you are planning to bring a big single-sheet poster,
  please make a separate PDF file consisting of multiple pages which
  can be easily viewed in a PC monitor. That is, each page should be
  edited so that it is readable even if it is shown in A4/USLetter size.

Contact address
   Jun'ichi Yokoyama
  Research Centre for the Early Universe, Faculty of Science
  The University of Tokyo
  7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033, Japan