Gravitational Wave Physics and Astronomy Workshop

GWPAW 2019

October 14-17, 2019
The Research Center for the Early Universe (RESCEU)
The Unversity of Tokyo, JAPAN

List of Poster Presentations

Name Poster title
Mr. Shun Arai Modeling of GW propagation through Large Scale Structure
Dr. Banafsheh Beheshtipour Continuous Gravitational Wave: Clustering Observational Data Using Deep Learning Network
Mr. Paek Gregory SungHak Observing strategy for optical counterparts of gravitational-wave sources with network of telescopes
Ms. Priti Gupta Gravitational Waves from Three body Systems
Mr. Tomonosuke Kikunaga Constraints on a Supermassive Black Hoke Binary in M87 with Pulsar Timing Array
Mr. Joonho Kim Searching for EM Counterpart of GW Source with the 24-hour monitoring system, KMTNet
Mr. Rico Ka Lok Lo Targeted Sub-threshold Search for Strongly-lensed Gravitational-wave Events
Dr. Yuta Michimura Improving the sensitivity of KAGRA gravitational wave detector
Mr. Yosuke Mishima Revisiting slow-roll dynamics and the tensor tilt in general single-field inflation
Dr. Kouji Nakamura Extension of the input-output relation for a Michelson interferometer to arbitrary coherent state light sources: --- Gravitational-wave detector and weak-value amplification ---
Mr. Ryo Negishi Extraction of gravitational waves from SASI with HHT
Dr. Yuu Niino Optical follow-up observations of GW events with the wide-field CMOS camera Tomo-e Gozen
Mr. Hiroaki Ohta Modelling Selection Biases in Searches for Gravitational Waves from Compact Object Collisions
Dr. Hiroki Onozato The Status of Japanese Telescopes Performing J-GEM Follow-Up Observations of Gravitational Events
Mr. Brandon Piotrzkowski Searching for Sub-threshold GW Candidates with RAVEN
Ms. Yoshinta Setyawati Approximation methods for future gravitational waveform models: is complexity worth paying for?
Ms. Minori Shikauchi The Method of Comparing BNS Merger Rate Estimted by SGRBs and by GWs
Professor Hisaaki Shinkai Ring-down waveform extraction by Auto-Regressive approach
Ms. Mei Takeda Data Analysis of Gravitational Waves from the SASI mode in a core collapse supernova with the Hilbert-Huang Transform
Dr. Yukikatsu Terada Systematic Survey of Nuclear Gamma-rays from Galactic Kilonova Remnants
Dr. Vaibhav Tiwari Minute Scale Parameter Estimation for Gravitational Wave Signals from Coalescing Binaries
Mr. Takuya Tsutsui Localization of GW Sources in Milliseconds with SNR Coherence
Dr. Hirotaka YUZURIHARA A nonparametric method to assess significance in search for compact binary coalescences with false discovery rate
Dr. Yun-Long Zhang Possible High Frequency Gravitational Waves From Axion Cloud
Dr. Sylvia Zhu Probing the magnetic field in the GW170817 outflow using H.E.S.S. observations