Gravitational Wave Physics and Astronomy Workshop

GWPAW 2019

October 14-17, 2019
The Research Center for the Early Universe (RESCEU)
The Unversity of Tokyo, JAPAN

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The workshop will take place in Sanjo Kaikan [山上会館], The University of Tokyo (Hongo Campus) [東京大学(本郷キャンパス)]

Lunch is included in the registration fee. On-campus lunches can be obtained at the two cafeterias visible as restaurant icons to the East and West of the main venue, as well as at the Lawson and University Co-op convenience stores, and the Doutor Coffee Shop, all in the immediate vicinity.

A PDF map of the Hongo campus can be downloaded from here.


For overseas visitors, Tokyo is serviced by the Narita (NRT) and Haneda (HND) airports.  Haneda is conveniently located close to downtown and is connected to the metro systems, while Narita is farther away and accessed via high-speed rail, either JR Narita Express (N'EX) or Keisei Skyliner.

Once within Tokyo, Sanjo Kaikan is most conveniently accessed by the #01 bus from Ueno station [上野駅] or the #07 bus from Ochanomizu station [御茶ノ水駅].  The locations of these two bus stops are shown below (the upper is for Ueno station and the lower is for Ochanomizu station).  The final stop of both routes is the bus loop visible just to the North East of the venue in the map above. The final bus stop is Todai Konai [東大構内] and shoud be indicated at the destination sign of the bus.

Other options include:

  • Ride the 51 bus from Akihabara station [秋葉原] to the Todai seimon mae [東大正門前] ("main gate of the University of Tokyo") stop, then walk into campus from there.
  • Walk from Nezu station [根津駅] on the Chiyoda line [千代田線].
  • Walk from Todai-Mae station [東大前駅] on the Namboku line [南北線].
  • Walk from Hongosanchome station [本郷三丁目駅] on the Oedo [大江戸線] or Marunouchi lines [丸の内線].

Visitors who are new to Japan should consider buying a Suica.  This is a pre-paid electronic fare card.  It can be obtained at JR stations or the Tokyo monorail station at Haneda for a 500 yen deposit, which is refundable along with the remaining balance when you leave (see the Suica web page for details and restrictions).  It can be recharged at train stations and also on buses.  Suicas can also be used at convenience stores and many restaurants.