10th RESCEU/Planet2 Symposium
Planet Formation around Snowline

November 28-30, 2017
Koshiba Hall, University of Tokyo, JAPAN

In the last decade, we have seen a significant progress in exoplanetary science from both theoretical and observational aspects. In particular, it has become clear that the snowline, beyond which ice condenses in protoplanetary disks, plays a key role in planet formation. This is why we plan to organize this symposium entitled "Planet formation around snowline". The symposium covers a variety of important frontier topics in the solar and extrasolar systems, including the early solar system, statistics of exoplanetary systems, protoplanetary disks, formation of rocky and gaseous planets, planetary migration, and future missions/prospects. We hope that you will actively join this exciting symposium, and do look forward to seeing you in November.

This conference is jointly hosted by the Research Center for the Early Universe (RESCEU) and the JSPS Core-to-Core program.

Host Institute:

Research Center for the Early Universe(RESCEU),
University of Tokyo
supported by International Network of Planetary Sciences of the JSPS Core-to-Core Program.

Speakers include:

Yann Alibert, Othman Benomar, Steven Desch,
Aya Higuchi, Mituhiko Honda, Andrew Howard, Shigeru Ida,
Tsuyoshi Iizuka, Masahiro Ikoma, Anders Johansen,
Hajime Kawahara, Hiroshi Kobayashi,
Takayuki Kotani, Kento Masuda, Makiko Nagasawa, Hideko Nomura,
Satoshi Okuzumi, Chris Ormel, James Owen,
Takahiro Sumi, Takeru Suzuki, Motohide Tamura, Giovanna Tinetti,
Julia Venturini, Lauren Weiss, and Joshua Winn.

Call for contributed talks/posters:

We invite contributed talks and posters. They can be submitted from the registration page by the deadline October 17 JST. Due to limitations of space and time, some talks may need to be presented as posters.


Online registration can be done from here. While we accept the registration until November 20 JST, we encourage you to register before October 17 JST so that the reduced registration fee is applied. The registration and banquet fees need to be paid in Japanese cash at the registration desk during the symposium.

Registration fee

before Oct. 17: 5,000 yen

after Oct. 18: 8,000 yen

Banquet fee

5,000 yen
each for a registered participant
and accompanying persons

Local Organizing Committee:

T. Kodama (Chair), Y. Kawashima, S. Wang, T. Hayashi, S. K. Nugroho

Scientifc Organizing Committee:

Y. Suto (Chair), Y. Albert, S. Desch, M. Ikoma, H. Kawahara, H. Kobayashi, M. Nagasawa, J. Winn

Inquiries to:


Supported by:

Research Center for the Early Universe, University of Tokyo
The JSPS Core-to-Core Program