10th RESCEU/Planet2 Symposium
Planet Formation around Snowline

November 28-30, 2017
Koshiba Hall, University of Tokyo, JAPAN

List of Poster Presentations

P1. Taichi Uyama (Univ. Tokyo) Search for Exoplanet Accretion Signatures in TW Hya transitional disk

P2. Takanori Kodama (Univ. Tokyo) The runaway greenhouse threshold for Earth-like planets

P3. Toru Homma (Kobe Univ.) Accretion of vertically stirred small bodies in the protoplanetary disk onto circumplanetary disks

P4. Yuka Fujii (ELSI) On the water vapor signatures of synchronously rotating temperate exoplanets

P5. Takayuki Muto (Kogakuin Univ.) Detecting Non-Axisymmetric Structures of Protoplanetary Disks from Low-Resolution Radio Interferometric Data

P6. Teruyuki Hirano (TokyoTech) Precision Doppler Spectroscopy in the Near Infrared: Pipeline and Tentative Results

P7. Shoya Kamiaka (Univ. Tokyo) On the reliability of stellar inclination estimate from asteroseismology

P8. Ryo Tazaki (Tohoku Univ.) Opacity of fractal dust aggregates

P9. Kenji Kurosaki (Nagoya Univ.) Acceleration of cooling of ice giants by condensation in early atmosphere

P10. Takafumi Ootsubo (ISAS/JAXA) Study on the planetesimals in the planet formation era based on the infrared observation of comets and asteroids with AKARI and Subaru

P11. Akifumi Nakayama (Univ. Tokyo) Habitable climate on ocean terrestrial planets is broken up by excess water

P12. Masato Ishizuka (Univ. Tokyo) Fiber mode scrambler experiments for the Subaru InfraRed Doppler instrument (IRD)

P13. Norio Narita (Univ. Tokyo) Development of MuSCAT2 and Prospects for Future Transit Observations

P14. Akihiko Fukui (OAOJ) Transit Photometry of Earth-sized Planets with MuSCAT

P15. Christine Houser (TiTech) New developments in Earth's deep water cycle

P16. Shoji Ueda (Kyoto Univ.) Formation of Uranus-system via a giant impact -Resolution and EoS-

P17. Yuichi Ito (Univ. Tokyo) Hydrodynamic escape of mineral atmospheres on close-in rocky super-Earths