November 12 - 16 2012

Koshiba Hall, The University of Tokyo, Hongo, Tokyo, Japan

Outstanding Presentation Award of RESCEU Symposium on General Relativity and Gravitation

We have launched an outstanding presentation award for parallel speakers and poster presenters for the first time in the 22 years history of JGRG series. From each parallel session, the award winner was selected on the basis of votes of the participants and recommendation by each session chair, and three winners were selected based on the ballots of the participants and discussion in the selection committee consisting of the JGRG organizing committee. The gold prize winners are listed below.

¡úTaro Kunimitsu (RESCEU, The University of Tokyo)
"Higgs condensation in the inflationary universe"

¡úKei Yamada (Hirosaki University)
"Triangular solution to the general relativistic three-body problem"

¡úKenta Kiuchi (YITP, Kyoto University)
"General relativistic simulations of magnetized binary neutron star meger"

¡úRampei Kimura (Hiroshima University)
"Constraints on general second-order scalar-tensor models from gravitational Cherenkov radiation"

¡úYi-Peng Wu (National Tsing Hua University)
"Matter density perturbations in modified teleparallel gravity theories of dark energy"

¡úShuichiro Yokoyama (ICRR, The University of Tokyo)
"Scale-dependent bias with the higher order primordial non-Gaussianity"

¡úHaruna Murakami (Rikkyo University)
"Short-range gravity experiment searching for a large extra dimension"