Gravitational Waves with GStreamer Workshop

Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics

November 8–11, 2010

Held in association with the 20th Annual Midwest Relativity Meeting



Accommodation and Travel

List of Participants



Since the workshop completed, most codes in question have evolved and the material presented here no longer applies in its entirety.  The introduction material and the documentation tour remains the most relevant.  The code examples should now be taken as illustrative.


The objective of the workshop is to assist people who wish to use gstreamer technology for GW data analysis to get started.  The workshop is to be focused on the interests of the attendees, and so the content will solidify as the attendee list does.  The objective is not to make you an expert GStreamer developer, but to help you become familiar enough with the library that you can continue learning on your own after you leave the workshop.

The attendee is expected to be familiar with C and Python, as well as LAL and related libraries, and is expected to have zero experience with GStreamer.

The attendee will be required to provide his/her own computer/laptop.


Monday 8 Tuesday 9 Wednesday 10 Thursday 11
Introduction and Setup Write a basic element
Hackathon Hackathon
Write a basic element Hackathon Hackathon Hackathon &

The workshop will proceed in three phases. 

  1. We will begin with an introduction and setup to make sure all attendees have acess to a working development environment.  We'll try to get people going on their laptops or an LSC cluster.
  2. Next we will present a tutorial in which we walk all attendees through the creation of a basic gstreamer element.
  3. The bulk of the workshop will be a hackathon style event in which attendees work independently or in small groups on individual projects.  We will work with attendees in advance of the workshop to identify projects suitable for the scale of the workshop.  Experts will be in attendance to answer questions, provide suggestions, help find and interpret documentation, and so on.
The afternoon of the final day will be kept clear of any formal presentations so that people who wish to catch early flights can do so.

Hackathon Project Suggestions