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- Press Release "Discovery of a Rotating Disk Structure around an Infant Protostar"   2018/09/03
- Press Release "Rotating Ring of Complex Organic Molecules Discovered around Newborn Star: Chemical Diversity in Planet Forming Regions Unveiled"   2016/06/20
- Press Release "A Drastic Chemical Change Occurring in Birth of Planetary System: Has the Solar System also Experienced it?"   2014/02/13
- Succeeded in Heterodyne Detection at 3.1 THz region   2011/02/24
- Workshop on Submillimeter and THz Astrochemistry
- New Line Survey Project for Star Forming Regions
- Workshop on Chemical Diagnostics of Star and Planet Formation
- Succeeded in In-house Development of a Waveguide-Type 1.5 THz HEB Mixer 2008/12/11


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