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Research Center for the Early Universe, Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo

Associate Professor

Research Interests:


The acceleration of surface layers of type Ic supernovae

Toward relativistic radiation-hydrodynamics

Light element production

Supernova gamma-ray burst connection

Supernova Remnants

Evolution of young supernova remnants

Thermal and dynamical structure of shells swept up by supernova remnants

X-ray Emitting Gas in Galaxies and Hot Intra Cluster Medium

Chemical Evolution in galaxies

    Metallicity distribution function of stars in the galactic halo

    Metallicity distribution function of stars in dwarf spheroidal galaxies

    Globular star cluster formation

First stars

    Metallciity distribution function of the first stars with polluted atmospheres

Origin of low alpha stars

    Low alpha stars in our galaxy

    Low alpha stars in dwarf-spheroidal galaxies

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Toshikazu Shigeyama