Theoretical modeling of Spectral profile from the two protoplanets PDS70b and c

Presenter: Yuhiko AOYAMA
The hydrogen line Hα is known as an indicator of gas accretion. Recent observations detected a few protoplanets embedded in gaseous protoplanetary-disk with the photon of Hα, such as the protoplanets PDS 70 b and c. More recently, MUSE/VLT allowed us to resolve the spectral profile of Hα from the PDS70b and c. To reproduce and interpret the Hα observations, we constructed a model of radiation hydrodynamics targeting the shock-heated gas on the protoplanetary surface. Applying the model results including the hydrogen line luminosity and spectral profile to the observational results, we constrain the mass and mass accretion rate of the PDS 70b and c.