Observing exoplanet atmospheres with CHEOPS

Presenter: Monika LENDL
The Characterizing Exoplanets Satellite (CHEOPS) is the first ESA space mission dedicated primarily to the study of exoplanetary systems. The satellite, carrying a 30cm photometric telescope, is scheduled to launch in fall 2019 and will perform ultra-high precision photometry of bright stars. Next to searching for transits of planets known from radial velocities and measuring precise radii of known transiting planets, CHEOPS will dedicate approximately 25% of its nominal 3.5 year mission to characterizing exoplanet atmospheres. In this talk, I will review the opportunities presented by CHEOPS to probe exoplanet atmospheres, such as optical-light occultations and planetary phase curves, and summarize the mission's scientific program in this context. I will further point to synergies with other existing and planned facilities and illustrate how CHEOPS will contribute toward a global understanding of planetary atmospheres.